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f Contents 

Installing the Game 


Basic Game Controls 

Main Menu 

New Game 

Load Game | 

Continue Game 

Playing the Game 

The Game Screen 

Interaction Icons 

Picking Locks 

Training and Scrolls.. 

Courage Points 

Ending a Chapter 

End of Chapter Vendor 
Save Pedestals and Saving Games 

7 t r> 

p7 pDp3C3^7 DO, p37p 

fause Menu... 18 

Inventory Screen 19 

Quest Log 20 

Options 23 

Advanced Game Controls 29 

Movement 29 

Stealth Movement 30 

Combat and Targeting 31 

Object Interaction 34 

Moving Objects 34 

Selecting Weapons/Items 35 

Camera Movement 35 

Weapons 36 

Walking-stick 36 

Sting (Sword) 37 

Throwing Stones 38 

Items 39 

Inventory Items 39 

In-World Items 42 

Technical Support 44 

Credits 45 

Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The installation 
program for The Hobbit runs automatically. Follow the on-screen 
instructions. When the installation is complete, a shortcut appears 
in your Start Menu and on your Desktop that you can use to 
launch The Hobbit. 

Once the game is launched, the Main Menu appears where you 
have several playing options (see Main Menu on p. 7). 


The Hobbit is a single player game. 
The primary controller explained 
throughout this manual is a 
keyboard/mouse combination; however, 
you can play with a Gamepad controller 
as well. A menu of keyboard/ mouse and 
Gamepad commands is provided in the 
Basic Game Controls section 


andalf the Wizard has always said 
that there is much more to the little 
Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, than meets the 
eye. "You're about to prove him right, 

for you are about to put yourself in the shoes of Bilbo himself." 
That is— if he wore shoes on those leathery soles of his. 

It is another in an endless stream of perfect days in the Shire, and 
Bilbo is at home in Bag End, his comfortable Hobbit-hole. 
Usually, his biggest concern is wondering when he'll enjoy his 
next meal. But that concern will soon be overshadowed by the 
great responsibility Gandalf places on this diminutive character. 

Prepare to lead Bilbo on an epic journey where he encounters the 
dangers and wonders of Middle-earth beyond the boundaries of 
the Shire. Travel with Bilbo and the Dwarves as they seek to 
reclaim the Lonely Mountain from the clutches of Smaug. 
They'll meet some curious characters along the trail, as well as 
ferocious creatures of the surrounding forests and caves. Bilbo will 
learn combat skills unknown to other Hobbits. He'll use them in 
pursuit of Quests and to help the Dwarves seek their vengeance. 

Basic See Controfs 





1 eft [ ALTl 


Left [[ctrl] 

Equip/Unequip Ring 




Toggle View 


Equip Walking Stick 


Equip Throwing Rocks 

Equip Sword 


Use Health Potion 


Turn Left 


Turn Right 



Next Weapon 
Previous Weapon 
Camera Up 
Camera Down 
Move Forward 
Move Back 
Open Pause Menu 
Quest Log 
Inventory Screen 
Summary Screen 
Use Skeleton Key 








Next Weapon 
Previous Weapon 
Turn Left 
Turn Right 

Left button 
Right button 
Wheel Down 
Wheel Up 
Move Mouse Left 
Move Mouse Right 

7 t r> 

p7 pDpOCTJ? DO, p37p 

ogitech® WingMan® RumblePad™ configuration 


D Pad Up 

Equip Rocks 

D Pad Left 

Equip Walking 

D Pad Right 

Equip Sword 

Rt Button 

Target Closest 

X Button 


L Analog R Analog 

Move Forward Camara Movement 
Move Backward 
Turn Left 
Turn Right 

Y Button 


Z Button 


C Button 


B Button 

Equip Ring) 

A Button 

Toggle View 

Bilbo can grab and move certain objects. 
To do so, stand in front of the object and press 
. Bilbo grabs the object. Press fwj , [I] , JaJ| 
and Jd] to move the object into place. Press 

To load a game: 

1. Click LOAD GAME from the Main Menu. A list of saved 
games appears. 

2. Click the name of the game that you wish to load, and then 
click LOAD to launch it. 

3. Click DELETE to remove the game from this list. 

4. Click CANCEL to return to the previous screen without 
loading a game. 

Click CONTINUE GAME from the Main Menu to load your 
last saved game. 

It is time, good Hobbit, to go forth, explore new lands, 
and confront whatever challenges await you. You will come 
across some who help you in your Quests and provide valuable 
information. Unfortunately, little one, there are creatures out there 
that mean to do you great harm, even though they know nothing 
about you. Proceed cautiously. Stay alert. And above all, try not to 
faint in the face of adversity! 


There is enough mystery already in the lands of Middle-earth. 
It helps to clarify your mission by understanding the on-screen 
icons and indicators. 

Weapon Meter Silver Pennies 

RING METER. The Ring Meter represents the amount of time 
that Bilbo can wear the Ring before it falls off on its own. 
Once the meter reaches the end, Bilbo is no longer invisible. 

HEALTH BUBBLES. This is Bilbo's lifeblood. The color of the 
bubbles change according to Bilbo's current state. Red bubbles are 
healthy. Injuries and falls cause the red bubbles to turn gray. If all 
bubbles turn gray, the game ends and Bilbo returns to the last 
saved location. When he is poisoned, all of the bubbles turn green 
and he must consume an Antidote Potion to restore them to good 
health. Otherwise, when the poison wears off, the green bubbles 
turn gray. When Bilbo takes a "Waters of Vigour" potion, a purple 
aura appears around a maximum of 10 Health Bubbles. 


; collected 

iows the numfc 
his journey (see Items on p. 39). 

THROWING STONES. Shows the current number, as well as 
the type of Throwing Stones in Bilbo's bag. 

HEALTH POTIONS. This shows the number of Health Potions 
Bilbo has at his disposal. 

COURAGE POINTS. Indicates how many Courage Points Bilbo 
has collected during his journey (see Courage Points on p. 14). 

WEAPON METER. Both Sting (Bilbo's sword) and the Walking- 
stick have different modes of attack (see Trained Attacks on p. 32 I 
or Weapons on p. 36). Certain ones can only be used when this 
meter is completely recharged. 


Characters and objects in the game that Bilbo can interact with 
have an interaction icon above them. To have Bilbo respond to , 
interaction icon, press | enter j on ce the icon appears. Be patient 
sometimes an interaction takes a moment to develop. 

r 7 f f* / s 

Press P NTER I to interact with this Dwarf. 

Certain characters and objects require the use of items from 
Bilbo's personal inventory. If this is the case, the Inventory screen 
appears after you press lh™l (see Inventory Screen 
on p. 19). 


From time to time, Bilbo comes across chests made of wood, iron, 
or gold. The chests may need to be unlocked in order to access 
their contents. This requires lock-picking skills. 

The lock-picking screen has a variety of mechanisms that require 
your skill. For the most part, the different mechanisms, or puzzles, 
require the alignment of a pointer with a specific color. Easier locks 
have only a single mechanism to figure out. More complicated locks 
have multiple mechanisms. Once you set the first mechanism, the 

t mechanism automatically activates. Once all mechanisms an 
set in the time allowed, the chest opens to reveal its contents 
for Bilbo. 



A timer appears along the top of the screen. If the mechanisms 
are not worked out before the timer reaches the end, you must 
start at the beginning. 

To set the pointer on a mechanism, press lf ENTER l once the point 
aligned with the proper color. 

Be careful... misaligning the pointer advances the timer by a 
multiple of five. Accidentally aligning the pointer with a red 
marking advances it all the way. 

p7 pDpOCTJ? DO, p57p 

Be warned! Some chests are not what they 
appear to be. Watch out for those 
containing poison or other hazards to 
Hobbits.Locks can be bypassed with a 
Skeleton Key, as long as you have one. To 
use it, press while 
i lock-picking mode. 



There are many types of attacks that Bilbo can use, but only two 
initially. His initial attacks are a single swipe of his weapon, or a 
two-handed overhead attack. Bilbo automatically receives attack 
training when he discovers various scrolls that are hidden 
throughout the Chapters. When a scroll is discovered, a special 
screen displays the new skills with which a weapon is endowed. 
Each training session improves Bilbo's use of his Walking-stick, 
his finesse with Sting, or his skill with Throwing Stones 
(see Trained Attacks on p. 32). 


Bilbo's growth is based on Courage Points. As he progresses 
through the Chapters, he discovers pickups of Courage Points 
everywhere, which appear in the form of colored gems. Each gem 
color represents a different point value. Courage Points are also 
scattered when Bilbo defeats an enemy or when he solves a Quest. 
When he runs over them, the Courage Meter advances in the 
upper left corner of the screen. When the meter is full, Bilbo gains 
another health bubble. 


38(S / 5»f 

At the completion of each of the 11 Chapters, a Summary screen J 
appears that shows your progress in the game. The information 
includes the number of Silver Pennies collected, the number of 
chests opened, the number of quests completed, and the number 
of Courage Points collected. Each of these figures is compared to 
the total possible in the Chapter. 

Click DONE to move to the Vendor screen. 


This is simply a screen with a list of items that Bilbo can purchase 
with his collected stash of pennies. It appears after the Summary 
screen. From here, Bilbo can purchase Health and Antidote 
Potions, larger Rock Bags, Medicine Chests, 

7 t r> 

p7 pDp3CT^7 DO, p5)p 

Skeleton N.eys, itirowing Mones, waters ot rortitude, and Water 
of Vigour. Waters of Fortitude and Waters of Vigour are limited 
and very expensive. 

You are shown the number and quality of items that Bilbo 
currently has, and the number that he is able to carry. Bilbo's 
stash of pennies is also displayed. 

To make a purchase: 

1. Rollover an item to highlight it and display its description at 
the bottom of the screen. 

2. Click to purchase the highlighted item (make sure you have 
collected enough Silver Pennies). 

3. Click YES to confirm your purchase. 

4. When you are finished, click DONE at the bottom of the 
screen to exit and move onto the next Chapter. 

As you progress through a game and reach specific waypoints, 
your game can be saved. Waypoints are marked by pedestals 
located around the different levels in every Chapter. 

Save Pedestals are located thoughout the 
various levels in every chapter. 

To save using a Save Pedestal: 

1. Approach a pedestal and press [[enter j to save in the middle of 
level. The Save Game screen appears. 

2. By default, a new game is saved. You can leave NEW GA~ 
highlighted in the list, or click on an existing saved game to 
overwrite it. An image of the highlighted game is displayed. 

r 7 t r> 

p7 pOpOCTp DO, p5)p 

lick iAVt to sav 
the game without saving. 

ie. or click CANCEL to return to 

Alternatively, you can click Quick Save on the Save Game screen 
to automatically overwrite and replace the last saved game. 

Saving a game keeps track of all inventory items, character 
conditions, map status, Courage Points collected, and Bilbo's 
current location. 

Pause Menu 

The Pause Menu is displayed any time you press 3 during a 
game. There are four screens to the Pause Menu: Inventory [Tj , 
QuestLog Jo] , Options H , and Summary [p] . Options are 
described in the Options section (see p. 23). 

To move between screens in the Pause Menu: 
1. Press FPU or MM ■ 

2. Press 3 again to exit the Pause Menu. 

This screen shows you Bilbo's health status, his Silver Penny 
stash, the total Courage Points acquired, his Skeleton Keys 
collected, potions that he has accumulated, and the current 
Medicine Chest and Stone Bag at his disposal. The weapon 
upgrades are also displayed. 

These five medallions indicate which weapons-Sting, the 
Walking-stick, and Throwing Stones-are upgraded for Bilbo to 
use. There are several upgrades for each of these weapons and 
they are acquired throughout Bilbo's travels. 

r 7 t r> 

p7 pDp3CTJ7 DO, p37p 

: consumables i 

an Antidote Potion, a Health Potion, or a Waters of Vigour: 

1. Rollover to highlight one of the items. 

2. Click to consume one vial. 

3. Rollover any other item to display details about that item. 


Quest List Quest Description 

This is where you review the Quests that are currently assigned, 
their level of completion and their related information. 
The Quest Log is cleared after a Chapter ends. 

The top of the page contains the list of Quests. Required Quests 
have a diamond checkbox next to them. Optional 

ests have a square checkbox next to them. Completed 
are checked with a green mark. The bottom section of the page 

shows the highlighted Quest description. 

To view a particular Quest, press the down arrow key to 
highlight it. 

View Quest Items from this screen by pressing [cj . Press [cj 
again to return to this screen. 

Applying a Quest Item 

Throughout his adventure, Bilbo collects items that must be i 
to fulfill his assigned quests. Certain characters or objects reqt 
these items of him. When this is the case, the Quest Item displ. 
appears at the bottom of the screen as Bilbo tries to interact with 
that character or object. 

7 t r> 

p7 pDp3CT^7 DO, p57p 

The Options screen allows you to customize the game in several 
ways to get the most out of your Hobbit adventures. Customize 
the settings for Audio, Video, Camera, Controls, and Performance 
You can also exit the current game or load a previously-saved 
game from the Options screen. 

To select any option, click on it from the Options screen. 


There are four settings that you can configure from this screen: 

MUSIC VOLUME. Adjust the background music volume in the 
game. The default is 100% of maximum. 

SFX VOLUME. Adjust the sound effects volume in the game. 
The default is 100% of maximum. 

VOICE VOLUME. Adjust the volume of character voices in the 
game. The default is 100% of maximum. 

SUBE1ELES. All in-game dialogue is accompanied by subtitles. 
Toggle these ON or OFF. The default setting is ON. 

• To change any volume setting, click and drag the slider next 
to it. 

• To toggle the Subtitles, click the checkbox. 

• After completing your selections, click DONE to return to the 
Options screen. 


Adjust the resolution and brightness settings from this screen. 

GAMMA. Click and drag the slider to adjust the brightness. A 
preview image shows the results of your adjustments. 

RESOLUTION. Qick one o 
click APPLY to see the results. 

• To return the settings to their original defaults, click RESTOR 

• Click DONE when you are satisfied with your adjustments. 


Determine how the camera follows Bilbo along his journey. 
Advantageous camera placement can make a huge difference at 
critical times in the game. 

reverse the 3rd person vertical camera control. The default settingj 
is OFF. Qick the checkbox to change it. 

reverse the first-person vertical camera control. The default setting 
is OFF. Qick the checkbox to change it. 

VIBRATION. This option toggles the vibration feature on and 
off for your controller (if applicable). The default setting is Of 
Qick the checkbox to change it. 



Reconfigure the controls for your keyboard/ mouse or for your 
GamePad controller. 

r 7 t r> 

p7 popocrjiDo, p?7p 

To adjust the keyboard/mouse controls: 

1. Click CONTROLS from the Options menu, and then 
click KEYBOARD. 

2. A list of primary and secondary key assignments appears. 
Click any key assignment, and then press a new key. If the 
new key is already assigned to another command, the two 
keys switch assignments. 

3. Click NEXT to see the list of controls continued. There are 
five pages of keyboard/mouse controls. 

4. To return the controls to their original settings, click 

5. Click DONE when you are satisfied with your adjustments. 
To adjust Gamepad controls: 

1. Click CONTROLS from the Options menu, and then 
click GAMEPAD. 

2. A list of button assignments appears. Click any button 
assignment, and then press a new button. If the new button is 
already assigned to another command, the two buttons switch 

3. Click NEXT to see the list of controls continued. There are 
three pages of Gamepad controls. 

. To return the controls to their origin 

5. Click DONE when you are satisfied with your adjustments. 


The game can be optimised for faster or slower computers. 

or CUSTOM for a one-click shortcut to adjust the game's 
performance. The default is the recommended quality for 
your machine. 

OBJECT DETAIL. This adjusts the level of detail displayed on 
surrounding objects in the game. 

DECIMATION RATE. The speed at which certain objects or 
characters are consumed, gathered, or destroyed on screen. 
Choose a lower setting for faster computers. 

EEEECTS QUALITY. This adjusts the quality of the lighting anc 
texture effects on the surrounding surfaces. 

SHADOWS ENABLED. This toggles the game's shadow effects, j 

• To change any setting, click and drag the slider next to it. 

• To toggle Shadows Enabled, click the checkbox next to it 

p7 pOftOGC^DO, p5)p 

To return the rjerformance ODtions to their original setti 


After completing your selections, click DONE to return to the 
Options screen. 


Any saved game can be loaded from the Options screen. Saved 
games are displayed with a readout of your current location 
within the game and a time/date stamp. 

To load a game from the Options screen: 

1. Click LOAD GAME. A list of saved games is displayed. 

2. Click the name of the game you wish to load, and then click 
LOAD to start it. You can also click CANCEL to exit and 
return to the Options screen. 

Games can be deleted from the Load Game screen. To delete a 

1. Click its name from the list to select it. 

2. Click DELETE. 


The number of games you can save 
is unlmited. 

tfajcef Qoroe Control 



Moving Bilbo is easy, especially when he's motivated by a 
charging Warg. Press , > > an d to move him in any 
direction, keeping in mind that the third-person camera positio 
will always be behind him. 

Remember, you can adjust the camera distance any time by 
pressing Num or Num . 

RUNNING. Bilbo's default movement is running. If you press 
lr spACE l while running, he jumps in the direction in which he is 
running. If you press and hold left [[ ctrl| while running, Bilbo 
instead sneaks around quietly. While standing still, press left 
[[ctrl | to cause Bilbo to crouch, and press \\^c4 to cause him to 
jump in place. 

CLIMBING/SLIDING. Bilbo climbs and descends vines and 
ladders. He must first jump onto a vine. Press to ascend and 
press to descend. He automatically slides down any slippery 
surfaces he encounters. Bilbo moves slowly through waist-deep 
water and sticky substances (mud, for instance). 

HANGING. Bilbo is considerably agile in that he is able to grab 
onto ledges whenever he cannot completely jump over a chasm. 
He also grabs ledges when there isn't enough place pour 
marcher normalement. 

p7 pDftOGCpDO, p57p 

WADING. He can walk safely through water, but only i 

shoulder deep at most. He will drown in water over his head, so 
be sure you know your water depth before proceeding. 

FALLING. Bilbo can handle falls from a certain height with 
minimal health loss. The farther he falls, the greater damage he 

POLE VAULT. Some jumps are too far to make without help. 
Use your Walking-stick to vault. First, equip your Walking-stick 
by pressing [Tj . Then hold left |[ctrl| to ready your Walking-stick 
and then quickly press lf s ^| to vault. 

VINE JUMPING. This is crucial for reaching otherwise 
unreachable places. Climb one vine and face another vine. You'll 
know when Bilbo can leap to the next vine by the way he reaches 
a hand out toward it. If you don't see this, don't jump! Press 
W\ to make sure Bilbo will jump forward, and then press [fsRAci| to 
vine jump. You can also press Q to slide straight down, and then 
press |[ spa ce| to drop from the vine. Ropes and chains also act much 
in the same way as vines. 


Bilbo can sneak around on tiptoe or become invisible by donning 
the Ring. He must first acquire the Ring in order to use it. While 
sneaking, he cannot be heard by an enemy unless he accidentally 
steps on something that makes a sound (leaves, sticks). An enemy 
will attack if it sees Bilbo, even if it cannot hear him. 

When Bilbo is invisible, enemies can still 
hear him. Remember to sneak while 
invisible. And if you get too close to an 
enemy, you're caught, 
Ring or no Ring. 


Although the true Hobbit form is to run like a rabbit when 
trouble comes, Bilbo's "Tookish" side is growing in him. 
He takes on any foe, regardless of size. His combat mode 
is simple. 

To attack an opponent during combat: 

1. Rush the opponent and press left If alt| to use whichever 
weapon he has equipped. 

2. Switch weapons by rolling the mouse wheel, or by press 1 

E3, ILoriD. 


Bilbo can target an opponent to attack. When an opponent 
is targeted, Bilbo is locked onto the opponent, always facing 
it. Any attempt to move left or right results in Bilbo circling the 
target. An opponent that can be targeted appears with a yellow 
over its head. This cone acts as a health meter for the opponent. 

To target an opponent: 

1. Press [Vj . The yellow cone changes to red. 

2. Press Q a second time to release the target. 
To defend an attack at any time, press H] . 


Stones can be used as a weapon, but they are 
also very effective to smash distant objects. 

rained Attacks 

Trained Attacks are usually gained by discovering special scrolls 
hidden throughout the Chapters (see Training and 

oils on p. 14). These include a Jump Attack, Chain Attack and 
a Spin Attack. The Weapon Meter must be fully recharged before 
certain Trained Attacks can be used. 

To employ a two-handed overhead Jump Attack, first press 
[space| t jump, and then left |[alt| while in midair. 

To employ a Chain Attack, press left IfALfl and hold while 
advancing on the opponent. A nearly endless number of attack 
can be chained together. 

To employ a Spin Attack, press and hold left |[alt| while 
advancing on the opponent. 

Visit the Inventory screen to see the types of upgrades that are 
available for each weapon (see Inventory Screen on p. 19). 

Bilbo picks up Throwing Stones, Silver Pennies, Courage Points, 
and certain other items simply by running over them. 

1. Press || enter j to open doors and chests when standing next 
to them. 

2. Some doors must be opened by activating a secret trigger 
nearby. Triggers can be activated by pressing 

3. Press lf ENTER l for Bilbo to talk with other Hobbits, Dwarves, 
Gandalf and other in-game characters after walking up 
to them. 


Certain objects must be moved out of the way in order for Bilbo 
to proceed. Others must be used as platforms from which Bilbo 
gains access to areas out of his reach. 

To move objects when Bilbo stands next to them, press lf ENTEB l . 
Once he grabs the object, press > > > or to move him 
along with the object. Sometimes, he needs to grab an object 
from a specific side in order to move it in a specific direction. 

Certain objects can be flipped to assist Bilbo. To flip an object, 
grab it first, and then press [[space| to flip it. 


To quickly equip Bilbo with his Walking-stick [Tj , Throwing 
Stones [2] , Sting , or use a Health Potion , press the 
appropriate number key. You can also cycle through his weapo 
by rolling the mouse wheel. 


To move the camera position relative to, Bilbo: 

1. Press Num [I] or Num to move the camera toward or 
away from Bilbo, respectively. 

2. To scan your surroundings from the eyes of Bilbo, press [F] , 
and then use the arrow keys to scan the environment. Press 
[fj again to move the camera back to third-person view. 

This scan command is the same one used to 
precisely target a stone throw (see Combat 
and Targeting on p. 3t). 

p7 pOftOGC^DO, p5)p 

Of course, Bilbo's best weapon is his courage. But a few 
additional tools couldn't hurt. 


Bilbo's Walking-stick is the weapon he begins 
with. Though it appears simple, the Walking- 
stick has a wide variety of uses and is his most 
versatile weapon. It has a much greater reach than 
ing and can be used to pole jump as well. 

I Sting 

SWIPE ATTACK. Swipe Attacks are where the Walking-stick 
strikes directly in front of Bilbo. 

JUMP ATTACK. This is the two-handed overhead attack. The 
jump causes greater damage than the Swipe Attack and causes 
enemies to be knocked backward. The upgraded version of this 
attack affects an area of proximity. This attack can only be 
employed when the Weapon Meter is fully reloaded. See The 
Game Screen on p. 9 for details. 

POTE JUMP. Bilbo uses the Walking-stick to leap greater 
distances than he can on his own. Using the pole jump, Bilbo 
does not leap any higher than he normally would, but he jumps 
about twice as far. 

)Ie jump, eqi. 

Hold left |[shift| to ready your Walking-stick and then quickly 
press |[space| to vault. 

SMASH OBJECTS. Some objects within the game world are 
fragile enough to be shattered by Bilbo's Walking-stick, his trusty 
sword, Sting, or by Throwing Stones. To smash objects, Bilbo 
performs a regular Swipe Attack. 


Bilbo must first locate Sting before he can use 
it. Sting is an Elvish blade that was made for the 
Goblin Wars. While it may not have the same 
reputation as Gandalf s sword, Glamdring, 
Sting is quite a worthy short sword for a 

Though it does have non-combat uses, Sting is Bilbo's main 
combat weapon. Over time there are a variety of combat 
maneuvers available to Bilbo while he is using Sting that cause 
greater damage than his Walking-stick. 

Like his Walking-stick, Bilbo can use Sting for Swipe Attacks and 
jump Attacks. The only difference is that Sting jump Attacks 
must be employed to smash shields, and upgrades to the jump 
Attack do not have area-of-effect damage like the Walking-stick. 

p7 pDp3CTJ7 DO, p37p 

Bilbo also uses Sting to cut spider webbing, although he cann< 
his sword to cut the full webs of the Giant Spiders. These webs are 
too large and thick for his sword to sever. 

Sting's most useful feature is its pale, blue glow. Use Sting to 
guide your way through the darker areas of Middle-earth. 


Throwing Stones by themselves are useful in a 
number of ways. Use them as weapons or to 
smash objects that Bilbo cannot reach. They are 
used in all attacks, including first-person attacks 
for precise aiming (see Combat and Targeting 
I on p. 31). 

Use the various pickups found throughout the 
game to imbue the Throwing Stones with 
special effects. These effects include 

freezing and fire, and only last for 
a brif period. Use them 
while you can. 



In addition to the weapons described in the previous section, 
Bilbo encounters many other items that appear on and around 
the paths he travels. Some he picks up and uses immediately (In 
World items). Others he stashes away to use at his command 
(Inventory items). 


Items kept in Bilbo's inventory are used at his discretion. Some 
are accessed via the Inventory screen while in the Pause Menu 
(see Inventory Screen on p. 19). 


These are used to cure poison. One dose 
Bilbo of all poison. 


These restore Bilbo's health and can be 
consumed on the fly, if available, by 
pressing [7j . 

r 7 t r> 

p7 pOp3CT^7 DO, p37p 

There are three Health pickups that are grouped 
together in this chest, which can be upgraded 
to hold more supplies. Each upgrade increases 
the storage capacity of the Medicine Chest, 
sas follows: 

Health Items 


Upgrade 1 

Upgrade 2 

Antidote Potion 




Health Potion 





Certain Quests assign objects that must be 
found in order to fulfill the Quest. They are 
designed only for use in the current Chapter 
and are dropped at the end of the Chapter. 


Bilbo carries his Throwing Stones in this bag. 
There are a limited number of Stones that he 
can carry at one time, but upgrades increase this 
capacity, as follows: 

Start Upgrade t 

Upgrade 2 

10 Stones 20 Stones 

30 Stones 


These are found throughout the Chapters, usually 
inside chests. They are used for scoring in the 
Chapter and for spending with the Vendor at the 
end of each Chapter. 


Use these special keys to unlock chests that contain 
money or other secrets. These can only be used fro 
the lock-picking screen (see Picking Locks on p. 12). 


This is the Ring that Bilbo wears to make himself 
invisible (see Stealth Movement on p. 30). 

r 7 t r> 

p7 pDpOCTJ? DO, p37p 

These are the standard rocks thrown by Bilbo. 
They can be imbued with freezing and fire 
effects that are picked up around the different 
levels (see Throwing Stones on p. 38). 


This orange potion imbues Bilbo with 
temporary extra strength and complete healing. 
Waters of Vigour give Bilbo up to 10 purple 
Health Bubbles that absorb all incoming 
damage until exhausted and prevent any 
additional poisoning. 


In-World items are not inventoried, but are used or consumed 
immediately by Bilbo. 


These little gems are everywhere for Bilbo to 
pick up. The more he collects, the more 
resilient his health becomes. His enhanced 
health is permanent and carries over to 
subsequent Chapters. 

These are the edible kind and they recharge 
Bilbo's health meter. 


Waters of Fortitude adds a new bubble to 
Bilbo's health meter. 

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Sold O ut Software take every care to 
■ensure that our customers are treated 
I in a professional manner and are dealt 
I with in a way in which they deserve, 
■if you find that you have a technical 
■problem with one of our titles and 
I you need assistance, please call the 
I number with the following details 
■ to hand. 


PC make and model 
Graphics and Sound Card make 
and model 

Graphics and Sound Card driver 

Operating System 
irect X Version 
m Ram 

m can also send us an email anytime, 
hich will be processed within 36 
ours. Please include the above 
information and refrain from sending 
in ANY attachments, as these cannot 
be accepted by our Technical Support. 

In the unlikely event that you find a 
fault with one of our products, please 
^■eturn the title to the retailer where it 
Hwas purchased for a full product 
I exchange. Please refer to your local 
I retailer for the conditions governing the 

United Kingdom 
+44 (0) 845 234 4250 

Calls are charged at local rate 

Opening Hours are 1000 to 1D0 
Exc Weekends and Bank Holiday 

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The Fizz Factor 

' Executive Producer 
I Rodney Gibbs 

Creative Director 
I Scott White 

Production Director 

Blake Bush 

Design Director 

Scott Laing 

Art Lead 

Sean Murphy 

Lead Programmer 

Acy Stapp 


Chad Goolbis 
Marshall Kunze 


Wiley Akins 
Brennan Hornburg 



Testing Lead 

Cheryl Pennick 

Software Testers 

Wendy Gray 
Jack Brummet 

development Services 

Jack Brummet 

Director of Design 

Kris Summers 

Director of Operations and Finance 

Mike Dean 

Director of Marketing 

Curtis Asplund 

Executive Studio Director, 

Lindsay Gupton 

Executive Studio Director, 
Adrenium Games 

Stephen Clarke Willson, PhD. 

Executive Studio Director, 
Griptonite Games 

Steve Ettinger 

Studio Director, The Fizz Factor 

Rodney Gibbs 

Executive Studio Director, 
BlackShip Games 

Scott K. Tsumura 

Special Thanks 

Inevitable Entertainment, Amaze 
Entertainment Operations: 
Kevin Burdick, Susan DeMerit, Christian 
Kimball, Stephanie Hjertager, Mia 
Robinson, Paul Stokes. 

maze Entertainment 

Executive Management 

Dan Elenbaas 
David Mann 

Creative Director 
Phil Trumbo 

Sierra Entertainment, Inc. / 
Vivendi Universal Games 


VP Development Studio 

Kelly Zmak 

Development Operations and 
Production Manager 
Julie Pitt 

Sr. Administrative Assistant 

Shari Lindholm 


Executive Producer 

Ken Embery 

Senior Producer 

Troy Skinner 

Associate Producer 

Bernadette Pryor 

Tolkien Approvals Coordinator 

Kris Bryan 


Director of Marketing, VUG 

Charles Holtzclaw 

Brand Manager, VUG 

Steve Beinner 


Senior PR Manager, VUG 

Adam Kahn 

CGI Cinematic Director 

Jim Carey 

CGI Cinematic Producer 

Glenn Oliver 

opment Teams 

Aeteor Studios; Montreal, Canada 
Belyea Animation & Visual Effects Studi 
Vancouver, Canada 
Lost Boys Studios; Vancouver, Canada 


Dialog Editor /Sound Designer 

Mike Caviezel 


Director of Quality Assurance PC 

Stuart Hay 

QA Brand Manager 

David Schapiro 
QA Leads 
Willy Guerrero 

QA Associate Leads 

Linda Maier 
Cameron Austin 

Sierra Entertainment QA 

Lester Stocker 
Corey Stelton 

QA Testers 
Allen Petroff, Armond James, Chang Hoo 
Koo, Daniel Cervantes, Fausto Lorenzo, 
James Pasque, Jose Beltran, Steven Baker, 
Tommy Tran 

Director of VUPC 

Randy Linch 


Brandon Valdez 
Cyra Talton 
Glenn Dphrepaulezz 

Configuration Manager 

Jaime Rios 

p7 pOjCOGCjlPO, p57p 

Javier Bailo 

Configuration ! 

Afolabi Akibola, Jack 
Jason Ferry, Mark Jihamari 
Min Huang, Robert Gardner 
Steven Hung 


Creative Director 

Daniel Greenberg 
Art Director 
John Slowsky 
Music Director 

Chance Thomas 

Director of Licensing 

Laurie Battle 


Localization Producer, Europe 

Fiona Wilson 

Localization Producer, 

Siobhan Wallace 

Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. 

Executive VP Worldwide 


Jim Wilson 

Senior Producer 

Scott Cuthbertson 

Engineering Lead 

Shamus Dermody 


Jason King 

Audio Specialist 

Bill Sweeney 

QA Lead 
k Nelly Dietrich 

Gilda Hallinan 
Ray HefTernan 
Niall Hogan 
Andrew Kavanagh 
Elena Rossi 
Sandra Rothig 
Joan Serra 
Laurent Venier 

Compliance Lead 

Nico Richters 

Compliance Testers 

Brendan Aupy 
Edward Brennan 
Andrea Fusco 

Linguistic Review 

Laura Casanellas Luri 
Maria Jose Alvarez 
Caroline Bidet 
Viviana Guglielmi 
Annemarie Leonard 
Anke McEUigott 

Special Thanks 

Gina Schmitz, Bryen Aoyama, 
Jim Wilson, Michael Pole, Peter Delia 
Penna, Molly O'Brien, Peter Marx, Cliff 
Broadway, Dylan Bromley, Matthew 
From, Rob Irving, 

David O'Conner, Nancy Rinehart, Scott 
Cuthbertson, Andrew Shiozaki, Dan 
Smith, Laurie Battle, 

Daniel Greenberg, John Slowsky, Chance 
Thomas, Quentin Gauthier, Chloe 
Rothwell, Fiona Wilson, Siobhan Wallace, 
and Mike Ryder. 


Justin Brandstater 


Lambo Creative 
Kevin Lamb, Writing 
Kim McGovern, Design 

The PEGI age rating system: 

Age Rating categories: 
Les categories 
de tranche d'age: 

Content Descriptors: 
Description du contenu: 

7 + 1 12* 

Note: There are some local variations! 

Note: II peirt y avoir quelques variations en fonction du pays! 











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